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Our idea started years back when we were battling to find good quality, not too dry, halaal biltong and dry wors.

So we invested in a drying box that was able to take and dry 500g wet meat at a time. This would mean portioning our meat into 500g packs. We would spice in the evening and hang the next morning.By the same evening the biltong strips were ready to be snacked on. Needless to say after losing close to 60% of the weight during the drying process the biltong did not go too far. Also the process and the effort was tiring.

We then decided to expand the operation so we could start giving friends and family who had heard and knew about this box biltong. We sourced two old server cabinets that already had fans and lighting and started making bigger volumes of biltong.

At the same time we decided to look into setting up a factory and giving it a full go. The search did not go too well. In short time we concluded that we would need to build premises to ensure our requirements were met.

The building went up in just over 6 weeks and we have not looked back since.

We started off by offering traditional biltong (salt and pepper) in stix and sliced.
See our product offerings for more details on what we offer.

All our biltong is pure 'A' grade beef and Halaal certified by SANHA. See our certification page for more details.

In the time we were building we had time to come up with a name for our operation. We decided to combine our Son Zayd and our daughter Laylaa's names together and came up with ZAYLA . . .

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